I would like to introduce myself as Edward Bereznicki. I am from Manchester UK and as you’ve probably guessed I am of Polish descent. I currently live in Kraków, Poland.

Educated to higher college level, after obtaining  A Level Law Grade A I went into business for myself in both the retail sector and in property development. My skill set is that I am a Native English Speaker, fluent and with a good education. I am currently taking a TEFL Level 5 course.

Over the years I have helped to improve the the English language skills of many Polish people who have come to the UK.

I have also spent time teaching Conversational English in Poland, both at schools and individual lessons. My pupils have ranged from kindergarten children to adults, in groups and individual.

Language learning is a process that occurs mainly through practice and by having regular conversational lessons with me your English language skills will be improved and maintained.

I am  currently offering individual online Conversational English lessons both online and in person either at my home in Kraków or by agreement at my student’s home. I also take small group lessons, up to four, either in my home or at my student’s home by agreement.

Online vs face to face ? Both methods are excellent and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Online learning is very modern and means that you can learn in your own environment and at a time and pace that suits you. However, make sure that you have an efficient device and good internet connection for best sound and visual quality.

Face to face certainly has it’s advantages, we are 80% sensory people and nothing can beat having a conversation with someone close to you where facial expressions and body language can convey a meaning all of their own.

I speak in a natural English accent and during the lesson we can talk about any subject of your choice. Alternatively I always have many interesting subjects to discuss. I will correct grammar as we go along and I will strive to make the lesson as enjoyable as possible.

I look forward to meeting you.