Online vs face to face ?

Both methods are excellent and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Online learning is very modern and means that you can learn in your own environment and at a time and pace that suits you. However, make sure that you have an efficient device and good internet connection for best sound and visual quality.

Face to face certainly has it’s advantages, we are 80% sensory people and nothing can beat having a conversation with someone close to you where facial expressions and body language can convey a meaning all of their own.

Individual vs group lesson?

Whilst undoubtedly with an individual lesson you will be getting undivided attention from the teacher, small group lessons can not only be fun, but there can be a benefit with students bouncing off one another, helping each other and introducing topics of their own.


Online lesson individual: 50zł per hour   or   200zł x 5 lessons
Face to face lesson individual: 50zł per hour   or   200zł x 5 lessons
Face to face lesson group: 50zł per hour   or   200zł x 5 lessons


For online lessons I am able to use any media that is comfortable to you including; Google Meet, Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom.

For personal lessons I can conduct lessons at my house in Stryszawa or at my student’s house, by agreement.